Tennis Courts

Acrylic Hard Court

Do you like a playing on a surface that lessens fatigue, has just the right amount of traction and is glare free? Then our Mapei acrylic hard courts tick all the boxes.

They also reduce the surface temperature of the court which means you can play more comfortably and for longer.

Manufactured with a specially formulated sand and reinforcing fillers, our range of Mapei surfaces allows players to glide freely across the tennis court with less wear and tear on the tennis ball – not to mention ankles, knees and backs!

An extra wear coat ensures consistent ball bounce and pace of play. But most importantly it offers a non-slip surface that will keep you on your feet and on your game.

The Mapei range of acrylic surfacing systems are ideal for use over both concrete and asphalt.

And they’re as easy on the eye as on the body. They come in a range of brilliant colours that are UV resistant and are so hard wearing they easily withstand a beating from players and the weather alike.

If you’re after a long lasting, hard wearing court, perfect for all levels of tennis from beginner to pro – then this one’s for you.

Synthetic Grass

If it’s good enough for Serena Williams and Lleyton Hewitt, it’s good enough for us! Both tennis stars have installed Grassman courts in their homes and for good reason.

It’s impossible to beat a synthetic grass court for all weather use. It has a fast draining surface that will see you on the court all year round. And players will feel the benefits of the natural cushioning effect of synthetic grass with less impact on the joints of the ankles, knees, hips and back.

Synthetic grass has become Australia’s most popular tennis surface. It’s great to look at and is a playing surface suitable for everyone from beginner to pro.

Maintenance is far less than with a natural grass court and if you’d prefer to spend more time playing and less time working on your court, Courtmaster has a range of maintenance packages to choose from.

Grassman is the market leader in certified synthetic grass sporting surfaces. It’s ideal for private homes, schools, clubs and promotional use. And it’s suitable both indoor and outdoor purposes.

A Courtmaster tennis court is an asset that can be enjoyed by the whole family for years and one that will boost the beauty and value of your home.

Courtmaster provides a range of synthetic grass tennis courts that are International Tennis Federation certified. Our courts are made to order, designed specifically for your own tennis court.

Tennis Court Installation Northern Beaches

Club 40

Competitor 19mm. Perfect entry level synthetic grass court, equally suitable for home or your sports club facility. Great value for money.

Tennis Court Installation Northern Beaches

Pro Flight 16

16mm. Sand dressed for professional play. A lush, perfectly groomed tennis court surface. Often a green infill is used to give the rich, colour which makes this surface turn heads. An industry leading quality surface.

Tennis Court Installation Northern Beaches

Tournaments Pro

Sand dressed for professional play. Low profile, KDK (non-directional) for medium to fast paced player performance. Australia’s premium tennis court surface.

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