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19 Dec

Does it really matter what materials are used on my court?

A freshly laid court looks fantastic. But it’s what you can’t see with the naked eye that can mean the difference between a court that will continue to look great year in year out and one that will deteriorate fairly rapidly. Years of experience has taught us...

16 Nov

How DIY maintenance can destroy your court

All courts need work and there is plenty you can do yourself to keep your play area in tip top shape. But some jobs are best left to the professionals. Trying to save money by doing specialised maintenance jobs yourself can result in costly problems. Over the years...

Which Surface is Best for Me
12 Aug

Which Surface is Best for Me?

It’s the top question asked by anyone deciding to build a new court or upgrade an old one. And unfortunately there’s no straight answer. Every surface has advantages and disadvantages so it comes down working out what best suits your lifestyle and your budget. By far the...