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We know you’d rather spend more time playing on your court instead of cleaning it, so leave the hard work to us. Courtmaster has a range of affordable maintenance packages to suit you.

Tennis courts require maintenance between one and three times a year.

For best results, Courtmaster will design a tailor made maintenance program that will protect your investment and keep your court at its peak, both in performance and aesthetic appearance.

Get in touch with us to discuss your tennis court maintenance package that suit your needs.


Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass is Australia’s most popular tennis surface. It needs regular professional maintenance to ensure the surface continues to perform effectively. Maintenance is also essential to extending the life of your court.

Courtmaster will complete a court condition report and establish a planned maintenance program which is computer-tracked to remind you when it is time for your next scheduled maintenance. Too easy.

We have specially designed commercial equipment that breaks up the crusted surface of your court and removes algae, dust and other contaminants. We then treat the area with purpose built algaecide.

Synthetic Grass Court

The main problems with synthetic grass courts include:

Compaction of the Main Traffic Areas, especially around base lines which causes an uneven and slippery playing surface.

Inadequate drainage is a common problem, causing the build up of mud, moss and vegetation where the water collects. It results in rapid degradation of the court surface.

Air pollution is a little known hazard. The particles found in dirty air stick to the surface leaving the court slippery and dangerous. Salt deposits from the air leave a crust which is difficult to break up if left for long periods.


Acrylic Hard Court

Acrylic hard courts are practical and hard wearing however when they become dirty the surface quickly becomes very slippery and dangerous.

Courtmaster uses purpose built machinery and algaecide to effectively remove and kill all moss and algae on your court.

While keeping your surface free of dirt and leaves is a job you can undertake yourself, larger scale cleaning is best left to the professionals to ensure the area is properly treated and no damage is done to the court.

A few helpful court care tips:

  • Keep the surface free of dirt and leaves
  • Use non-marking soles on footwear.
  • Remove bird/bat droppings immediately
  • Place pads under equipment or chairs to avoid surface damage

Natural Grass Court

Natural grass courts aren’t just beautiful but they are a great surface to play on. They’re fast and offer firm footing with just enough slide.

However, they need to be professionally maintained in order to achieve year round playability and to keep your court looking and playing brilliantly.

Natural grass courts have their own unique maintenance requirements and Courtmaster can provide you with a specialist program to ensure your natural grass court remains an asset.

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