Gorgeous Grass Without The Hassle

Do you love the look of a perfectly-manicured lush, green lawn but hate the hard work that goes with keeping it that way?

Synthetic Grass could be the solution for you. At Courtmaster we can help create your perfect outdoor space with our range of beautiful, life-like artificial grass. Thanks to advances in technology, our synthetic grass these days looks so much like the real thing, you’ll be surprised.

It’s soft underfoot, low maintenance, long lasting and best of all never needs mowing! So spend more time enjoying your outdoor space, rather than working on it.

Our artificial turf is safe for pets and kids and gives you a perfect, rolling green lawn all year around. It’s great for allergy sufferers too.

Say goodbye to patchy growth, yellowing, prickles, watering, fertilising and weeds.

Want a maintenance free lawn?

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Case Studies

  • Ravenswood

  • St. John Freshwater

Step 1

Natural grass slowly turning into a dustbowl—a very common sight at schools

Step 2

The natural grass is removed and a layer of crusher dust is spread over the area and compacted

Step 3

Quality Australian made synthetic grass installed by Courtmaster—no more dustbowl, no more mowing!

Step 1

Step 2

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