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Which Surface is Best for Me

12 Aug Which Surface is Best for Me?

It’s the top question asked by anyone deciding to build a new court or upgrade an old one. And unfortunately there’s no straight answer.

Every surface has advantages and disadvantages so it comes down working out what best suits your lifestyle and your budget.

By far the most popular choices are artificial grass and acrylic hard court, though some players still prefer clay or natural turf.

If it’s a residential court you’re after, think about how often you are likely to use your court. It’s hard to beat synthetic grass courts for all weather use. The fast draining surface means you can play all year round – wet or dry.

But if you hate the sand that comes with artificial grass, maybe an acrylic hard court is for you. They are great to play on, offering a fast-paced surface with just enough glide for players to move effortlessly across the court without slipping. And they look great too.

At Courtmaster we use the high-quality Australian made Mapei range. It comes in a selection of brilliant colours that are UV resistant and hard wearing.

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But there are other considerations too when deciding on the right surface. Will the court be used strictly for tennis alone? Or maybe you have young kids and they’ll want to kick a soccer ball, shoot a basketball, ride a bike, play cricket on the court and more.

In this case, maybe a synthetic grass court is a better choice. It’s softer underfoot and kinder when it comes to the scraped knees and elbows that result from the inevitable falls.

Some people also believe it adds a softer dimension to your landscape, offering an attractive extension to most residential properties.

If you’re looking for a new surface for a club or sporting facility there is little more to consider. What court surfaces are used in your competitions? Does your new surface have the potential to attract more club members – or cause membership to decline. What surface do your players prefer?

It’s best to try out a few different surfaces before you make your final decision. And talk to other court owners about their experiences.

Of course, at Courtmaster we are more than happy to have a chat to discuss your needs and work out which surface is best for you. So give us a call.